Thursday, January 3, 2013

My snakey, slithery ikat

For this weeks Spoonflower contest the theme is Snakes.  I choose to do an ikat design. I wanted earthy and it needed to be heavily textured to mimic the warp and weft of a real ikat.  Here is a good wiki entry about ikat if you'd like to read about the real weaving process. 

It was pretty fun to do and gave me all kinds of ideas for future designs.  This pillow shown above is available at Society6, along with a cell cover, skin, laptop skin and a canvas.  Or it's available as fabric in my Spoonflower store (or rather it as soon as I proof it).  Go on by and give it a Like or make a comment about it.  :-) 


  1. I love your ikat! Wonderful execution. You have to let me know when you enter a contest so I can stack...uh, I mean vote for yours!

  2. hahahah, I enter almost every week...I haven't since this Ikat because I'm taking a break and because I just couldn't squeeze out anything halfway decent to enter! Bwhahaha. LOL, sometimes it's the single vote that makes the differnce!