Friday, January 4, 2013

My Kindle 3G Frozen - Amazon FAIL

I'm a big reader.  I'm addicted to reading. Always have been.  I read 4 to 5 books a month on my Kindle, sometimes more.  I read magazines and newspapers as well.  I still read actual books but my mainstay is reading on my Kindle.

Aug 2010 I bought a 189.00 Kindle 3G. I loved it from the moment I turned it on.  I raved to everyone about it.  All of my fears of missing the feel of paper, of turning pages, of the sound of turning pages were nothing in comparison to holding that Kindle.

I love clicking a book and buying it with one-click.  Sync and download and I've got a few hours of reading in my hands. I'm fine with the older technology of the Kindle 3 (keyboard). I'm an early adopter of electronic technology and can use that for my internet needs (where I read even more on a daily basis). But I like the e-ink for reading.

What I don't love is my 2.4 year old Kindle DIED. I read til 2:30 a.m., set it down on the nightstand and the next morning the screen was all streaky.  It was mostly pixelated but I could still see some words. It would not hard boot even tho I knew it had a 70% charge on it.  The light turned amber when I plugged it in so I thought maybe it'd drained overnight and all it needed was a charge. I charged for an hour. It turned on but froze after trying to turn one page.  Called Amazon customer support.  She asked me to hard boot it which resulted in nothing happening. She asked me to plug it in for 2 hours and she'd call me back.

And she did. Trouble is it would not unfreeze. The light was green this time so it was fully charged but it would not unfreeze. She told me my options were to buy a replacement as mine was out of warranty. Said they didn't have the Kindle 3G anymore (which is wrong since it's sold on the site) but I could gt a Touch for either 70. and some change or the next model up for 100. and some change.

I'd read some threads at Amazon and know there can be battery issues and a new battery might fix the problem but repair is not an option. My only option is to buy a new one, discounted but still there is a pretty good chunk of change to lay out.  Probably stings more because my 5 year old pc just blew the motherboard.

I declined the offer.  I have other options. There are 4 computers in this house, 2 tablets and 2 laptops. Plus my pc at work and my phone.  All of them have Kindle and Kobo loaded on them. So it's not like I don't have a way to read.

But I am mightily pissed that I should only expect a Kindle to last 2 years and a few months.  My Android phones last longer than 2 years, my computers have lasted longer than 2 years, my tablet is still working fine after 2 years.  But I shouldn't expect my Kindle that boasts it can hold 3,500 books on it to last more than 2 years.  That's a big FAIL. And why would I want a refurbished Kindle Touch for 100.00 if it's not going to last?

So I'm not buying a new Kindle. I'm extremely lucky that I'm gaining one from a friend who has an extra.  But since I'm a Prime member I may use that only for my free monthly lending book. I may go ahead and use Google Play to purchase my books or borrow from friends who have Kindles.  I suppose it will depend on how tired my aged eyes get from being on the computer all day at work and then reading on a back-lit screen.

In this day and age of throwaway everything I cannot believe that Amazon expects I'll throw away my old Kindle and hand over more money for a refurbished one.  I think I'll go find a replacement battery and see if that will revive mine. So before you buy a Kindle go Google "frozen Kindle". You'll find gobs of posts about it.  Make your decision after you read all the issues around frozen Kindles.


Or just go to Ebay and find an unlocked refurbished one for about 60.00.


  1. Hello Virginia - Sorry to hear about your Kindle disaster. It's always something!

    I recently got back into quilting and just discovered your Hello Sunshine line on the Connecting Threads site. I don't know why but I've never come across it before and I was instantly thrilled with your design aesthetic. Being new to fabric design via Spoonflower your work is representative of the simplicity I strive for in pattern design. Great job and I can hardly wait to get my order and see where the creative muse takes me. Best to you, Ellen

  2. Ellen, thanks so much for the nice note! LOL, can you tell I was a little frustrated with Amazon? I'm tickled pink that you found my designs at CT! I love their fabric, it's yummy and affordable! You'll have to say hello at Spoonflower so I can follow you there! I think you'll get addicted to creating designs and drooling over all the fantastic designs there! Best to you too! V

  3. Hi I was just googling about the same issue & found your post
    My sons kindle has just done the same thing & I am so cranky It was mine I had brought about july last year & I gave it to him for christmas when I upgraded to one with a slightly bigger memory & it has died after just that long but how to explain to an ASD 12yo that is such a big reader that his kindle he got for christmas has died?? And being on a carers pension I can't just replace it

  4. It's maddening isn't it? Have you called them to see what they can do for you? Maybe you'll have better luck that I had. Crossing my fingers for you and your son.

  5. Wow, I'm so surprised. My two year old Kindle stopped holding a charge last year and I called them about it. They said "Oh wow, that shouldn't be happening, we're so sorry. We'll send you a new one." And they sent me a new one via next day mail! I had a new one in my hands two days later. They asked me to send them my old one back, but they didn't make me wait for the new one. Maybe it depends on the representative you get? Might be worth calling back again to see if you get someone more accommodating. :~( Sorry for your bad luck!