Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blog recommendation: Ellen at

I follow a few blogs, I love peeking into the minds of others.  A week or so ago I got an email from a lovely woman who followed breadcrumbs of mine and found me just to comment on my fabrics at Connecting Threads.

Now that my friends is a huge compliment that someone follows web breadcrumbs.  And to go the extra mile and make a comment!  Really flattering.

I answered the comment and didn't really check out the name before I posted.  Once I posted the comment I followed her name to her blog.

Totally gobsmacked as my friend Sharon would say.  Beautiful blog; filled with yummy writing and photos of fabric, quilts, deco and all gorgeous.  And she's got tutorials up.  I started reading...and reading....and reading.  I kept thinking...I must do more of what she does my blog is so, ummm *looking around* bland.

Go on, click that link.  Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in for some loveliness and make sure you say hi to Ellen!  She's been fabulous to get to know; I love finding people who have similar interests and who live in totally different environments. Totally an armchair traveler right?

So cool.


  1. Holy Smoke! I know that person, heck I know that blog! :-) Well thank you very much but I'm the one that's gobsmacked. I've been drooling all over the place as I realize there's actually a real person behind all those amazing pattern designs! The pleasure has been all mine as I appreciate finding another person who shares my interest in so many things. One of these days we'll have to meet up in, oh I don't know, Kansas? as we share multiple cappuccino/lattes, scribble patterns in our notebooks, cruise fleas, dish Spoonflower, hunt down fabric shops and discuss the thea-tar. Sounds like a lovely afternoon!

    Now to get out of my PJs and spruce up the place. Guesties!!!

  2. Kansas! I've always wanted to see prarie country! Sounds like a fabulous afternoon!

    Have fun with your guests!