Saturday, December 14, 2013

Color palette for the Spoonflower Retro Ski contest

This weeks Spoonflower contest is a limited palette contest and the theme is Retro Skiing.  Here are the colors:
Not my fave color combo when I think of snow, mountains, skiing, cold, winter, etc. But plenty of designers came up with fab designs using those colors.

I did a very calm mountain slopes design.

I played around with some textures to give it some depth and called it a day.  I love my design and feel it's very usable for quilting or a fun lining to a warm winter jacket.  I'm not positive that anything I could come up using the other 2 colors I didn't use would sell very often so I stayed with what I thought worked even if it's a pretty calm design.

If you want to check out all the designs in the contest go here Spoonflower Retro Skiing contest. Vote for what you like, as many designs as you like. Make sure you don't miss mine because it doesn't have the orangey-red and yellow combo in it!

Happy weekend to you!

Oh and btw, my poor embarrassed dogs only placed 17th in the last contest.  Now they're really mad at me for making them wear those silly sweaters! hahahah. 

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