Saturday, November 16, 2013

Coordinates or no?

I do a lot of work at Spoonflower.  A lot. Just ask my family how often I'm working on a design.  Hey, in my defense at least they always know where I am!

Generally I make focal prints. I don't always create coordinates.  If I do, it's usually only 2 or 3 and they rarely sell as well as my focal.

The decision to do a coordinate often lies in the ROI.  It takes time to create a coordinate and it needs to be able to stand alone as well as coordinate with the focal.

I see a ton of folk making coordinates sometimes there are dozens of coordinates for one focal. 

So the questions are: Do you buy a focal print at SF and purchase coordinates at the same time? Or do you buy only the focal and run to your local brick and mortar for other fabrics? Is it a matter of economics? It's no secret that it's a lot less expensive to buy from a big box store. 

If you're a sewer/sewist would you buy all of these or would you piece it out?  If you're a designer how many coordinates do you create and what nudges to create coordinates?

You can view the original collection of my African Inspired designs here clicky


  1. Love your African Inspired designs Vo! In my shop I notice that most people buy only one design at a time, whether it's what I consider the main print or a coordinate, but I like to work on collections (if I have the time) because I think they make a nicer presentation together. I tend to purchase only the designs I can't find anywhere else because it is expensive, but, if the coordinates are just as unique and fabulous I would buy those too.

  2. Thanks Patty! I do like working on collections; partly because it's fun and partly because they really do make a nicer presentation.

    But like you, I generally only buy a print that I can't find in stores...and then fill in with less costly fabric. However I often find I can't match colors up as well (if I'm trying to do something monochromatic). Sometimes I'll do a coordinate at the request of a customer but that can also be tricky. LOL.

  3. Your African inspired designs are so lovely, such wonderful colors. I do coordinates, sometimes lots of them, because I get inspired. No one buys them, but I don't sell a whole lot anyway. My biggest sellers are my "Elegant Owl" and "Lovely Pussycat" kits; not much need for coordinates for them.

  4. When purchasing do you buy coordinates? Either at SF or other places? And thank you VictoryGirl!