Friday, December 7, 2012

Gators on your pillow!

How nice of Jamie B to send me a photo of a pillow she made using my fabric design Alligators are Evergreen in the Everglades

Isn't it so cute?  I rotated the horizontal photo so you can also see the print without getting a crick in your neck.  :-)

I really heart customers and when they take the extra time and effort to show me their work I swoon!  I <3 head="head" lay="lay" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" on="on" p="p" pillow="pillow" this="this" to="to" want="want">

Those are my naked alligators, I also have clothed alligators. They're on vacation so you know they needed to dress up just a bit. Gators on Vacation  Oh, and I also have a 4 for 1 design where you gt 4 fat quarters on 1 yard of fabric and it does include the Gators on Vacation design.  Gators and Snakes for the Adventurous!

Thanks Jamie B for buying my alligator fabric and thanks so much for sending me photos!

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