Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The worst Christmas gift

The worst gift I ever received was this very scary doll. My MIL loved church craft fairs and wanted to support the ladies at whatever church.

This, she so happily pointed out to me was made by a BLIND woman!  Isn't that nice?

Nice, no I don't think it's nice, I think he meant to terrorize people with them. See for yourself; Do you agree with her or with me? Don't worry, you won't offend my MIL, she's done the celestial  check out and won't be commenting here.

A pom pom full of sparkle for a nose.  Matching shoe pom poms. A festive one piece jumper complete with upside down designs!  Medium blue plastic beads adorn the appendages...I'm guessing those are where terrorizing cardboard/styrofoam headed clowns indicate where their joints are. Googly eyes! A styrofoam head with marker tattoos in it's face.  I think the red/white and blue yarn pom poms are to indicate that this was made in American, for Americans.  

What's not to love? 

A slightly closer look at it's face.  Ok, look, the danged thing was in the garage full of dust.  It scares me. It scares anyone who ventures into the garage, my camera was scared and didn't care to really focus on it.  

You see the evil eye it gives you if you move over to the side?  It's terror-inducing.  btw, you can't see it in the photos but there is spray glitter on it's hat. 

I do apologize, you might not be able to sleep after witnessing this gift. I probably should have warned you at the beginning eh?

Now, what is your worst gift you've even gotten?


  1. hahahahaha! Bit harsh. Kinda cute. Sorta. Made with love! :D

  2. It's really not cute at all. Maybe since there is red, white and blue in it I should regift it to someone who is British?

  3. Nothing wouldn't be worse than this. And, no, that is not a typo. :) The worst gift I ever received was probably the snow blower.

  4. Bwhahaha, a snow blower...I hope you regifted it right back!