Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eagle eye spots my fabric design in an ad

Do you know how nice it is for someone to spot your fabric out on the web and let you know it's there?

Connecting Threads is a sponsor of True Up (a realllly great site) and Samarra Khaja, textile designer extraordinarre spotted the flashing ad while reading True Up.  Do you see it there on the right side?  Go check it out live in person by clicking the True Up link I posted.  

I know I'm still so tickled to see my stuff out on the web!  So if you see something...or you make something out of it I'll post it in my blog!

Thanks again Samarra! You made my night! 


  1. Fantastic! I'd be so excited too. Just discovered your wonderful work. Big congrats!

  2. Nicky, thanks so much. I appreciate that you came on by to visit!

  3. btw, your website is gorgeous!