Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After the interlude..or where I have been...just call me Mama Bear

I've been incommunicado since my last post because life got very complicated all of a sudden.

My daughter got ill.  2,500 miles away from me. Luckily she was with my wonderful family and that was immeasurably helpful.  Still I turned into a mama bear on the phone constantly trying to understand what was going on and what we all needed to do to get her stable.  She finally got on a plane to come home, had a medical emergency on the plane (was met by emergency personnel at the airport which totally embarrassed her) but got home safely.  We're in the midst of figuring out what the problem is; she's got great doctors so that's been a godsend and has kept me calm.

Because of that situation I have totally neglected my blog.  I still have exciting things happening around my fabric and now that I'm not in mama bear fighting hard for my daughter quite so much at the moment I thought I'd sit down and show you what's been going on.

The Connecting Threads and Spoonflower contest is coming to a close tomorrow, winners should be announced at some point tomorrow. If you want to read about it go here to my last post.

Connecting Threads put up an interview with me here in their blog Notions.  How freaky weird to see myself staring back at me when I open the page.  I would love to see your comments on the post so go comment.  I'm tickled pink that quilters at CT are commenting and best of all the design strikes a chord with them.  Best thing ever. I hope the fabrics sell like hotcakes!  One day I hope to be somewhere and see someone who is walking around wearing something they made out of one my fabrics!  I wonder if I would dare to say hello?

Speaking of walking around with one of my fabrics...CT also did a post yesterday that was written by guest poster  Barbara Talbert.  She did a fabulous post on making your own quilted bag.

Photo taken from the Connecting Threads blog.  All rights reserved.  
Aren't they just darling?  She used Sunkissed Flowers and Windblown Dots. You can buy the patterns at Connecting Threads if you're dying to make something fun over a weekend.  I love the post, it's got great info and I must say...great fabric choices!

I was also highlighted in a blog that is written by Patty Sloniger aka Beck and Lundy.  She's a fellow fabric designer and she designs for Michael Miller, take a look at her oh-so-cute-and usable fabrics here. Not only did she write a post but she bought a boatload of my fabrics too and is going to make something out of them!  Wooot!  I can't wait to see what she makes..she sews quite well ya know.

I have a lot to be thankful family in PA who took care of my daughter while she was there, my daughter making it home when she was so ill (all the parametics, firement, police, doctors, nurses and airline personnel get many thanks from me), my designs highlighted in blogs all over the web, my friends spreading the word about my designs, my my work for being understanding about my excitement over my collection being released and letting me off of work to attend to my daughter. And really many thanks to my friends who've been such good listening ears during all of this.  You know who you are.

I have great bounty in my life.  On many fronts.

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