Sunday, July 15, 2012 and a stolen design

About a week ago I found one of my designs being sold on  Illegally I might add.  I did not give Zazzle or "theJakeness" permission to host or distribute my design for sale or otherwise.

My bacon design is hosted at Spoonflower.  It sells pretty well and I've licensed it to others but I did not license it to the Jakeness. Here are all 5 of the products he's offering at Zazzle using my design. Click here.

Here is my bacon fabric design hosted at Spoonflower.

Zazzle wrote me an email the other day asking if they could distribute my contact info to the guy who stole my design. I said no. I do not want a thief to have my email address because I'd rather Zazzle do the investigation and remove my design from their site.

Today I get an email from them, in part it stated: Please find below the contact information provided to us by the user in question so that you may reach out to them directly to resolve this issue:

And then it listed the email for the thief.

I've again asked them to remove it, I can provide upload times and dates where my original design is hosted. I'd like Zazzle to compare my upload time/date with his because I can guarantee that mine was first. Not to mention that I can provide the original photos where the bacon is not in a seamless repeat.

It upsets me to no end that this guy has sold my design on product and is making money off of my design. Money that is rightfully mine.  It upsets me that Zazzle wants me to contact the guy directly when I have an issue with Zazzle not doing the investigation and banning him as they have others who are using copyrighted materials.

Jakeness and Zazzle: please remove my bacon design and be upright and send me a check for the products you've sold using MY design. Thank you.


  1. :( boo hiss. I hope you get this sorted and get paid monies due.

  2. ugh. I hate the digital theives. This is my problem with S6 too. Tell Jakeness your lawyer now has his email too.

  3. Sharon, Boo hiss is right. I just can't believe how people will just steal things. Kelly, yeah, S6 is pretty danged bad at protecting our work. I have a lawyer friend who I might end up calling if my second email to Zazzle comes to naught. hey, btw, your blog is lovely!

  4. Thank you! I've been working on it. on its way! :)