Saturday, July 7, 2012

PA., NJ., NYC vacation

What a whirlwind trip.  9 days and everyone one of them filled up with things to do. First the wedding: Touring the grounds, visiting the butterfly house and some of the animals, being AT the wedding, hugging family thru the entire 9 days. 

A butterfly in the butterfly house

A baby goat wondering where her grass is. Funny, they got so excited if you hand-fed them the very same grass they had on their side of the fence. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! 

The newly wedded couple

I love that groundhog, he was watching us have photos taken while chomping on fallen apples.  

Next up New Jersey.  At the shore.  Which was foreign to me. First the shore and then the boardwalk. 

My daughter having so much fun in the kid teacups.

I don't have any shore photos on my camera so these couple of boardwalk photos have to stand in to show I really was in NJ.

Off to NYC

Yes, we toured on a bus.  We did a whole lot of walking so this helped a ton. I also took this photo because the whole family there are wearing poof hairdos.  

The Empire State building and a church, I've forgotten the name of that church. St. Peters? 

The south pool.  It's so loud.  Like the noise you hear while watching footage of the buildings falling.

A different angle

A nighttime view from the Renaissance Hotel.  There were throngs of people below.  

hahaha, I am not a very good photographer and I always forget to take photos when it comes right down to it.  I have many more photos but I won't make you sit thru the slideshow.  But thanks for viewing this small offering.

I didn't do a whit of designing when I was back east.  Too busy and even in my downtime I preferred to sit on the deck and listen to the birds sing.  It was heavenly.  I loved hanging with my family.  My PA family comes out to California far more often than we travel anywhere but it's nice to see them in their natural habitat! I also loved that both of my children came out to be there with all of us.  As much as I wanted my husband to be there I was very happy he was at home taking care of our animals.  Now, when can I go on vacation again? 

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