Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flitting about the country

I've been on vacation.  My niece who lives on the east coast got married and I had to be there for this momentous occasion.

I took a automobile, a plane and a train to get here.  It was an adventure as the airline booking got messed up and they nearly didn't let me (and 5 other people) on the train.  Not to worry tho, we all just entered the train without a ticket and the Amtrak ticket lady was fabulous and let us ride anyway.  I was sweating it!

Eastern Pennsylvania is gorgeous.  Not as gorgeous as my niece tho.  Here we are in a candid shot.

I love this shot because we're so concentrated together while there is a big expanse around us. That's how this farm was...rolling meadows dotted with huge trees.  It's also how I see this area of PA.  It's so green and lush everywhere.  The weather here has been unseasonably hot and humid.  

I've seen fireflies! They're so pretty! While it's dark and they're lit that is.  I enjoyed looking at them while I sat on the dcck of my SIL and BIL's backyard deck.  Actually all the flora and fauna in PA is great.  I saw cardinals and robins and tons of butterflies.  We don't have cardinals in So Cal and the butterfly populations are finally coming back after years of not really being seen.  That makes me happy.  I didn't really enjoy the 5/8 inch black ants tho.  They're kind of hugely giant if you compare them to our (nasty) little black ants that are less than a quarter inch.  However, the giant black ants don't march in a mile long by 1/2 inch line either so there is that.  Oh, there are squirrels here that steal the birdseed.  We do have squirrels but they aren't so brazen.

Oh yeah, I saw a couple of groundhogs.  I have a photo of one that was watching the bride and groom get their photos taken but dangit, it's on my dead camera at the moment.  A photo for another day.

I also have photos of the boardwalk at Wildwood, NJ and photos of NYC. All on my camera.

I travel home (I leave for the airport in 30 mins) so maybe tomorrow I can do a new post with MORE photos.  Uhhhh, and don't expect too much.  I'm only a point and shoot kind of gal so some of the photos will be abstract art. hahahaha.  

Until then, bon voyage! 

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