Friday, May 4, 2012


Argh, it's morning. Slept like a log, still feel like a log. Must wake up. The last few days at work have been jammed-packed with things to do and I had fun. I'd love to be that busy all the time! Maybe that's why I've slept so good over the past couple of nights.

Busy, satisfied and feel like I'm contributing. Hooray.

Isn't it nice to feel satisfied with something? Yet, not feeling satisfied creates a need for me to do something better or more interesting so there is that aspect of the push/pull of whatever you're doing.

Speaking of doing...I'm way behind on a couple of projects and MUST get it together so I don't add to the pile of not done yet. My plans for this weekend is go not design for hours but to get some of those projects done.

I'm all happy that my chickens took 5th place in the Not Owls contest at Spoonflower. Check out the design here: Click for chickens Not too bad out of 226 designs eh? I'm fairly satisfied with that! And that bit where I'm not - means I'll try harder next time.

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