Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 Solar Eclipse

I live in southern California and we had a solar eclipse today.  In 15 mins I created a viewing box out of a soda cracker box, some tape, paper and a nail.  Oh and tape to tape it shut.  The eclipse was cool, the light shifted and everything had a golden quality to it.

I didn't stare at the sun. I like having eyes that can see but that pin-hole box was just not cutting it.  I mean, I could see the shadow, the box worked perfectly but thing all around me was far more dynamic.

I noticed on the side of our barn this:

Isn't it fantastic? It's the shadows of leaves and branches from our giant sycamore tree.  I thought it was gorgeous.  I thought I'd take a photo of what it normally looks like tomorrow night.  

I'm sure there are better photos of the actual sun, but this make me feel all wonderous.  

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