Sunday, May 6, 2012

George Clooney's birthday

I'm on Facebook quite a bit.  I read all sorts of stuff my friends post.  In some cases I've "liked" an outside organization such as Associated Press, ABC News, Huffington Post, etc.  Because I like to know what is going on. 

I hate having outside organizations pop up with a subscribe notice so "All your friends can see what you're reading!"  IF I WANT OTHERS TO KNOW SOMETHING I'LL ACTIVELY POST IT ON MY WALL.  I don't need Huffington Post (btw, AP and ABC does not use the popup social plugins and I'm thankful for that) to use me as an advertising tool to my friends by posting what I might have clicked on.  So Huffington Post - I like your articles mostly; at least some of the sections...others not so much. 

This appeared on my wall this morning. 

I do not care that George Clooney turned 51 or that he had a birthday.  George doesn't send me gifts or cards or helps me pay my bills.  He doesn't even know I'm alive.  So, no, I'm not going to click on that story, I'm not going to "Like" the article and if I did read it I certainly don't want to push that kind of stuff to my friends. 

Now if I knew the guy and I liked him as a human and we were actually friends I might go to HIS wall and wish him a happy birthday. But posting a happy birthday wish to him via your article is just inane.  Again, the man doesn't know who I am, nor does he care.  As far as he knows people who post birthday wishes on your site are all nutcases who *think* they know him because he's some kind of entertainment celebrity.

Can you do me a favor Huffington Post? Can you put a No Thank You function on your social networking popup so if I decide to read an article I can go to your site without having to be faced with a danged popup and read it without advertising to my friends?  Come on Arianna...can you do that? 

I'll bet if George asked you would.

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