Sunday, March 4, 2012

Robots are fun, quirky things to draw.  There were so many ways I could have taken this.  I wanted to go steampunk but ended up doing something quite a bit different.  Here is it:

A cheery group of bots!

To see the actual fabric at my storefront go here to Spoonflower.


  1. LOVE IT! The colors and the images -- well done!

  2. Thanks Susan, I've actually tweaked it just a little as I noticed one of the bots were off center just a bit. Also changed the oil to yellow instead of gray (duh!)

  3. Vo, this is so lovely. I love the colors, and wouldn't this make the best quilt for a little one?

  4. Karen! Hi, thanks so much. I wish I had little kidlets around so I could make this quilt for them. I do have adult children but I can wait a while before becoming a grandma!