Friday, March 23, 2012


Well, I was a bust in that Spoonflower - Textile Design Center - Urban Sighting contest...didn't make the finalist list. Onward! But if you want to read/view my post about making the contest entry read it here.

I'm bowing out of a number of contests so I can focus on doing designs that I want to do as opposed to fitting things to a theme that is chosen by someone else: I'll be putting together a portfolio of coordinates to send out.

My focus is always on usable fabric, it's something I have to watch out for that I don't just do a graphic that works as a single view but something that works as a single view AND as something that flows on a yard of fabric.

I love my repeat on those trees, I love the diagonal and the vertical feel of the design. A reminder:

I'm going to change the color scheme and get rid of the photographic bark and use my own fill for that so it should have a different look to it and I'm also going to lighten it up quite a bit. The underlying design will not have a nature within an urban message to will be more of a woodland message.

I'm happy that I'm changing it up! Onward!

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