Saturday, March 10, 2012

Motorola Razr Maxx out of stock

How many times in 10 days can you buy Verizon phone?  Well, I can do it 3 times.

Called Verizon to find out if the phone was in stock and available. The CSR said yes. Cool. Went to the store to buy. Cool.  I'll get it in 2 days. Cool.

Not cool when 5 days later I didn't have it. Called Verizon they said they had 15,000 in warehouses in my state. Cool. Cancelled my store order, ordered directly from Verizon who said they'd pay for overnight shipping and I'd get it in 2 days before 3 p.m. (I ordered late in the evening). Got billed for it as the store still had my money I originally paid.  Cool.

Oddly the next day I got an email saying my (original order which was cancelled) was being delivered to the store on Friday.

Friday 2:57 p.m. 2 days later. No phone. Not cool. Called Verizon who said it had not shipped. That they were on backorder and my order would not ship til the 16th.  NOOOOOOO, not cool.  That the phone had been on backorder since before my order on March 1st. and they'd never updated their list to show it was not available but on backorder.

Verizon called the store where my original order was delivered earlier that day and they agreed to hold it for me. Verizon cancelled my order with them and I'd go to the store to repurchase the phone for the 3rd time.

Finally at 5:30 I got my phone.  I was totally happy to get it (and it's a fabulous phone) but I can't actually believe that the entire customer service and indirect stores had no electronic word that the phones were on backorder when the inventory showed 15,000 in the 4 California warehouses.  Hmmmm, think maybe they're creating buzz to show how well that phone is selling?  It certainly crossed my mind.

So now I'm updating everything (there has got to be a better way to transfer apps/passwords between old and new phones!).  Right now I'm so enamored with my phone that I could do a little happy dance.

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