Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hooray! A free drink!

Psych! Oh never mind...I got a birthday postcard from Starbucks giving me a free drink for my birthday. But it came today and my birthday was Feb. 8th and it says I need to use it by Feb 15th.

Now that's one way to save some money...send it out after the birthday!

It's been a day of disappointments. Yesterday I found an airline charge I didn't make. Unfortunately it's an old charge and my bank only deals with charges in the last 60 days. No, I didn't notice the charge at the time...during a 3 wk period I'd bought a Kindle and a android tablet AND returned the Kindle and had to recharge the Kindle (because I upgraded to the new version that came out a week after I purchased my Kindle) so I assume I didn't notice because my account was going up and down.

I don't get paper statements and my bank requires that I log in to see my statement. Which I don't do and may be the death of me that as long as my balance is in the green I'm not looking at them. I've decided to go back to paper because at least with paper it's in my hands and I always tear open that envelope. I don't really care at this moment that having them print my statement costs money. Having a passive statement cost ME money.

I have to file a police report and am disputing the charge with the airline but I have no idea if they'll do anything about it. There is added complexity since that VISA has been cancelled due to a different fraudulent charge that I DID catch. In that case my bank froze my account because someone charged 2 $90.00 transactions at Walmart and that's how I found out...I couldn't use my card to make a 30.00 purchase at the craft store.

I don't know why my bank didn't call me to verify an airline ticket. It's larger than $90.00 and way off my normal patterns for my card. They've called me before when I purchased a computer. I was happy they called me. Now I'm unhappy that they didn't call me on this charge.

So Monday I have to go to the police dept and file a report. Grrrrr. But it will be worth it if I can get my money back. Cross your fingers.

I'm just thinking I could really go for a drink right now...and not just a coffee drink.


  1. That's serious pants. And I'm totally going to check my online statements better. I'll join you in that drink xxx

  2. Would you like a single or a double. I think I'm going for a double because this is an airline ticket...someone was sitting in that seat and the airlines would have a name and id attached to it. Seems like an easy thing to solve.