Sunday, February 5, 2012

The woes of a middle-aged body

Yesterday I went shopping with a friend. A friend who doesn't like shopping. We were out for about 5 hours. Do you know what is wrong with shopping for 5 hours? It means you can't find anything to buy.

I bought a pair of cute Ked Duckies. I rarely wear tennis shoes but I broke my toe a couple of weeks ago and that's about all I can wear without pain. I bought a 3.00 traveler coffee cup and a 3.00 leopard scarf (for an interview and the leopard print is an inside joke with one of the interviewers).

What I couldn't find was clothes. It's not like I'm hugely large; I wear a size 4 pant. I wear a size medium top in womens. But all of the clothes were either too tight and loved to cling to unsightly curves in the wrong places or were so flowing hippy dippy that I'd need a dunk in patchouli oil to complete that look.

For work I like a tailored look, I couldn't find a blouse to wear under a suit to save my life. Years ago I wore suits almost every day. I no longer have to wear suits but if an interview comes up I need to be ready.

The weather here has been quite warm for winter and spring is coming soon. Ok, let's go for casual. For casual I still like clean lines. I'm short so flowy has to be at least in proportion. I detest batwings and alot of the flowy stuff has batwings. It's enough that I worry about my arms having batwings (not yet, but I'm old enough to worry about them).

Rack after rack was the same stuff in whatever store we went into. My friend was looking for business clothes and she didn't find anything either.

The saving grace is I didn't spend much money. The downside was I also didn't get any danged designing done. The upside was I spent an afternoon with my girlfriend. We did laugh alot while we passed silver sequined thigh-high boots with 6 inch heels, leopard plastic shiny pants and plunging neckline blouses fit for Rachel Welch.

Maybe it's just asking too much for a middle-aged woman to want to have the appearance of a waist yet not look like a hoochie business woman or a flippy-dippy hippie.


  1. so glad to know I'm not alone... I gotta covet the size 4 pant, though, VO, and I just have to think that I could ALWAYS find something that looked good in a size 4!

  2. Oh being short and having skinny legs isn't all that it's cracked up to be at his age. Pants too long always, perfect for my 5'9" daughter who is pretty skinny but for me I have to wear heels. Or if I go petite it's polyester elastic waisted pants that graze the top of flat shoes and are too short. Not to mention the butt that never fits because I have NO butt! TMI?

    Such a quandry. I wish I could wear yoga pants every day of my life and still get paid a living wage!