Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spoonflower Ditsy Sea Creatures or Bust

Sea creatures in a ditsy print. This one gave me loads of trouble - what to draw? Fish aren't my favorite for some reason and I wanted a very textured watery look...which is sort of weird if you think about it, water isn't really all that textured unless you do foam which I did not want to dom  For the last 10 days or so this is how my process unfolded:

Hmmmm, sea creatures: I'll draw and watercolor fish! Perfect medium for fishes right? Well, it's fine if you can actually draw good fishes. My fish just didn't come out the way I saw them in my brain. I drew all kinds of fish - blech. Back to the computer instead of paper, paint and scanning.

I used an older design to jump from. I knew I wanted something not vector looking (I'm up against vector royalty ya know, some of these artists can whip out some fantastic drawings with humor and fab technique) and something with a lot of texture and depth. After 10 or so versions I came up with this.

The whole design is here Click so you can see all the design. It just wasn't right, not bold enough although I like it.  It needs more, scales maybe?  That got tossed at the last minute. 

I ended up doing this.  Kelp with textured teeny fishes. Like the little fishes in tide pools.  Still sea creatures!  I used a salted watercolor for my background (see!  I did use some watercolor) and drew the kelp and fishes as my foreground.  I liked it...texture and fun colors and totally ditsy.  Nothing lines up, it's pretty random - so yay! 

The image above is a detail of my "Kelp! Help!" design for the Sea Creatures contest at Spoonflower. To see the whole detail click here.  My only worry is that the fish are less prominent than the kelp and I can only hope voters look carefully.

btw, if you want to vote go here to do so.  Click and check out the very random order.  Once you choose a design click on it and a green border will come up highlighting your choice.  Go thru ALL the pages and at the end you can cast your votes.  In all fairness there are tons of cute designs, vote for whatever suits your fancy!

Changing gears slightly...yesterday was my birthday and I didn't get the landscaped yard I've been wishing for...when is the birthday fairy going to send a landscaper and a gardening man to come fix it up and maintain it?  Am I too old to be wishing for gardening fairies?   I don't think so but those fairies either are sleeping on the job or I'm delusional for thinking there are garden fairies out there.  Maybe I need to appeal to garden gnomes? Something to think about!

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