Monday, February 27, 2012

I got a new job...and turned it down and how I might console myself

Yep, I turned it down.  The new job would have been fun to do but the fit of it just wasn't right.  I know people will think I'm crazy for turning it down but if I thought I wasn't going to be happy I'd be crazy to take it.

I'm emotional over it...but really I think it's the kick in the butt that I needed.  I'll get over the emotion of it eventually.

A new job, a new company would help me get over it for sure. LOL.  So I'm looking even tho I still have a job.

It's raining cats and dogs outside and it feels like winter.  Something that is normal normally but this winter has been so mild that it's odd to have really cold weather with rain and wind.  It's cozy warm in the house and I'm thankful for that.

Which leads me to this, something that I can sink my hands into to help console myself: 2 big bags of raw, dyed wool and 1 large piece of wool batt.  My friend Rosanna sent all of that to me as a gift. The batt is large enough to make a number of purses by just cutting it and felting the sides together and then wet felting it.  The bags of wool aren't carded (is that the right word?) as all the fibers are every which way so I think I need to get some brushes and brush them into roving. 

I so want to make something but I need a warmer day so I can go outside and do it there.  I don't acutally have a place where I can get water all over the floor which I think I'm going to need to do.  All that wool is so beautiful that I've just been staring at it for the last couple of weeks.  I do need a keychain and I thought about making a quick freeform keychain but I've been sort of afraid to dive in.  I think tonight I'm just going to dive in.

I also have some lace that Rosanna sent me, but the light is terrible so I thought I'd save that for another day.  Ok, off to play with some wool. Wish me luck!  And oh btw, thank you Rosanna! xo

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