Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Art Deco entry

The most recent Spoonflower contest is Art Deco.

This is my entry.

This version is without details and much smaller than the real design, to see the details go here to the image at Spoonflower. The Golden Age of Art Deco

It's always hard for me not to be too literal when coming up with an entry for a theme. I like Art Nouveau better for it's curves so Deco was a big struggle. Plus, the entries couldn't have more than 4 colors and no gradients. Deco is filled with gradients. For 10 days I kept coming up with ideas that fell really short of what I considered Deco. I threw in the towel once or twice but that challenge kept niggling at me. I always feel like I need to be able to come up with something!

I finally finished up the design above on Tues. Not totally satisfied that it will be seen by voters as a usable winning fabric but I am satisfied that I did a Deco design. And that is worth a lot to me. Hooray for coming up with something!


  1. Love "whatever is making me happy or whatever is making me cranky"...both are good with me! Welcome back to blogger. It's kind of fun following your breadcrumbs, actually.

  2. Oh yay! A familiar face! LOL, Susan thanks so much for always following my sparse breadcrumbs. hahahah, you've def read me as happy and cranky over the years!