Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No really, how many blogs can you start?

I know, I know...I've had a number of blogs, I am so ashamed. Especially since the last 2 (yes 2) just never stuck.

I really hated Typepad. I'm sorry Typepad but you just didn't thrill me enough. It's not that I'm stupid but I really couldn't even get my name to post as the owner of the blog when I answered a comment and I was logged in. It was like I was being rejected every time. So I left you. I came back to Blogger. If you want you can go read what I did write over at my Typepad blog, but there isn't very much there.

However, I dread redoing my backgrounds (whatever you see for the next few weeks will change) but I'll make it easy on myself and steal my old code and work from there. At least Blogger is like a comfy shoe, I mostly know where everything is to quickly do a post and for crying out loud, it's so integrated with my phone, tablet, etc it's just easier. And I'm all about easier.

Ok, so why Gingered Coffee? It just sounded ok, so there you have it. That and nobody else has it so Bingo!

I've had personal blogs, beading blogs, surface design blogs and now this one which will probably be a mixture of all of them. I hope. I need encouragement to keep writing as I'm not the best writer...I'm not the worst either. Habit, I need to make this a habit again!

Ok, off to contemplate what graphics I should create to jazz this place up. It's kind of visually boring isn't it?